Preparing for Your Birth Experience

Get Ready for Baby

You can use NHRMC MyChart to help you:

  • Fill out parent worksheets
  • Complete your birthplan
  • Register for delivery

Preparing for your new baby is an exciting time filled with many preparations. NHRMC has put together some resources to help expectant moms and families make planning for the big day as easy and convenient as possible.

NHRMC is offering expectant moms and loved ones virtual options to help minimize the need for in-person visits. This lets you schedule pre and postpartum activities when its convenient for you without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Virtual OB Visits

Patients of NHRMC Physician Group - Glen Meade Center for Women's Health can have some of their routine OB visits through MyChart and Zoom

Virtual Childbirth Education Classes

Glen Meade Center for Women's Health also offers their patients classes to help you prepare for labor, birth and postpartum through Zoom.

Find a class.


NHRMC MyChart, your free online health portal, can be used to complete a birth plan and register for delivery at Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital. You can also use MyChart for communicating with your care team, access test results and review your medical record.

Virtual Birthplace Tour

Expectant moms and families often want to tour the hospital before giving birth. This helps them know what to expect and to show their loved ones the facility where they will be delivering. Because birthplace tour groups are small, moms-to-be may not be able to bring additional people on tours to see the hospital.

The virtual Birthplace Tour lets you see where you will deliver and find out what to expect when you get here. You can also share the video with your family so they can take a tour of the Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital whenever they want to.



Virtual Mothers Milk Club

New moms are invited to join the Mothers Milk Club. This support group offers moms a chance to connect with other new moms and get breastfeeding support from certified lactation consultants.