Bladder Cancer Procedures

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Surgery is often part of the treatment of bladder cancers. Different procedures are done depending on the stage and location of your cancer. Procedures at New Hanover Regional Medical Center are done at the Surgical Pavilion, a facility built for advanced techniques and the comfort of you and your loved ones.

Removal of Bladder Tumors

Small lesions or tumors can often be removed in your physician’s office. But larger tumors may require surgery. Urologists at NHRMC perform a procedure called TURBT or Transurethral Resection Bladder Tumor. Generally, this is done on an outpatient basis, but some patients may need to stay overnight for additional observation and treatment.


A cystectomy removes all or part of the bladder. It is used when cancer has spread into your bladder wall. New Hanover Regional Medical Center offers minimally invasive surgical procedures, including robotic surgery. Your surgeon will discuss which procedure is right for you.

Partial Cystectomy

If your cancer is not near the openings where urine enters or leaves the bladder, you surgeon may perform a partial cystectomy. A partial cystectomy removes part of the bladder if the cancer is limited to just one area.

Radical Cystectomy

In a radical cystectomy, your surgeon removes the entire bladder, along with nearby lymph nodes, part of the urethra and any other nearby areas that contain cancer cells.