Mazor Robotics Renaissance System

Surgeons at New Hanover Regional Medical Center use the Mazor Robotics Renaissance System to achieve the highest precision in many spine surgeries - both minimally invasive and traditional open spine surgery. We were the first hospital in North Carolina to begin using the system for spine surgery and continue to be experts in the field.

This innovative technology allows for a more refined and natural approach to spine surgery, helping you get back to life sooner.

Expert Spine Surgery Team

Innovative technologies, such as the Mazor Robotics Renaissance System and extreme lateral lumbar interbody fusion, require a team of experts specifically trained in their use. Spinal surgeons at NHRMC stay abreast of the latest techniques to provide you with the safest and most advanced options available.


The Mazor Robotics System is designed for accuracy. What that means for you is:

  • Less exposure to X-ray
  • Fewer neurologic risks
  • Less trauma to surrounding tissue resulting in less postoperative pain and faster recovery

Conditions Treated

Your surgeon may use the Mazor Robotics Renaissance System for these spine conditions:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc
  • Exaggerated rounding of the back (kyphosis)
  • Scoliosis correction
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis)
  • Slipped vertebrae (spondylolisthesis)
  • Vertebral compression fractures

How It Works

This robotics surgical system is a sophisticated tool for skilled surgeons to create a surgical “blueprint” for your unique procedure and then carry out the plan in the operating room.

  • You will have CT images of your spine in preparation for your surgery.
  • Your surgeon uses the images and the Mazor Robotics 3-D planning software to create a customized surgical plan. This surgical blueprint guides the surgeon during the procedure.
  • Your surgeon guides the Mazor Robotics tools throughout your surgery, which takes from 30 minutes to two hours.