Spine Services

Your spine supports you and keeps you upright and moving. Each section of the spine is dependent on the next. In much the same way, New Hanover Regional Medical Center doctors and other care providers support you when you have a neck, back, or spine problem - from the moment you come to us for help through rehabilitative care and beyond.

Collaborative Diagnosis & Treatment at Its Best

Our experienced spine team works together with other specialists in the system to ensure you get the right care at the right time. Whether it’s noninvasive treatment or a minimally invasive surgery, we’re focused on you, treating your condition, and helping you get back to normal activity.

Our Approach to Your Spine Care

Our approach to your spine care is noninvasive whenever possible. Our experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain medicine excel in helping people just like you find relief in physical therapy and advanced pain management techniques.

When your back, neck, or spine pain isn’t alleviated with noninvasive approaches, board-certified neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons can recommend the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures with our innovative technologies.