An illness or injury may restrict your ability to move, speak, and perform the daily tasks that help you be independent. Whether it’s an injury caused by repetitive motion, trauma, sports, recovery from surgery, stroke or a degenerative condition such as Parkinson’s disease, New Hanover Regional Medical Center offers an expert team of rehabilitation specialists to help you ease pain and regain skills.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

Throughout Novant Health system you will find our rehabilitation team ready to help you ease pain, get stronger and improve function. Our mission is to help you do as much as you can, overcoming limitations from illness and injury and increasing independence.

Getting You Moving While in the Hospital

The top priority for many of our patients in the hospital is to get moving again. For people who have major changes in their mobility and function, it may mean specialized assessment and treatment to re-learn the ability to move or care for yourself safely. Our acute care rehabilitation therapists work with patients at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, New Hanover Orthopedic Hospital, and Pender Medical Center, to start this process as soon as possible. Most of the therapy is done at the bedside with the goal of helping you be as independent as possible before discharge.

Ongoing Care and Rehabilitation

Beyond an acute hospitalization, we offer many options for therapy that include longer term care for those who need ongoing outpatient therapy services as well as inpatient rehabilitation care

Rehabilitation Services Patient & Caregiver Education

NHRMC Rehabilitation Hospital has developed education to help ease the transition back home for both patients and their caregivers. Click on the links below to access education tailored to your rehabilitation needs. 

Other Resource Materials