Wide-Bore MRI with MR Caring Suite

NHRMC is now taking appointments for the most spacious, quietest, most relaxing MRI we've ever offered.

The NHRMC Orthopedic Hospital offers the wide-bore MRI, complete with the new Caring MR Suite.

Wide Bore MRI with MR SuiteThis advanced technology will provide a more comfortable environment for patients receiving MRI exams, including:

  • Silent scan technology available for head/brain MRI
  • Caring Suite technology that lets you choose the nature images and sounds you hear
  • Cushioned table with soft, flexible coils to increase patient comfort
  • Feet-first entry for most scans
  • Ideal for patients with claustrophobia


The Caring MR Suite offers patients and caregivers control to choose a favorite Nature Theme, personal video, lighting or music anytime.

Healing Power of Nature

Studies find patients exposed to nature heal more quickly and require less medication. These studies also find exposure to nature reduces stress. The Caring MR Suite features original high-quality HD nature videography created specifically for patients.

To schedule an MRI, call 910.667.8777.