Brain PET/CT

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At NHRMC, radiologists use a brain PET scan to examine the brain's tissue and look for any indications of disease, injury or cognitive decline.

This scan uses a radioactive substance called a tracer, which absorbs into the bloodstream and combines with glucose and other compounds in the body, to make these compounds visible to the radiologist. The images will show which areas of the brain are most active and which are least active, allowing the radiologist to clearly see how the brain is functioning. 

Unlike many other scans, a brain PET scan also provides a clear picture of the brain's size and shape.

You will need a physician's order to schedule your scan.


You will be instructed to have no food or drink (except for water) for six (6) hours prior to the appointment. Water is encouraged until appointment time.

Day of Exam

You will sit quietly in the dark to reduce brain activity for 45 minutes prior to and for 30 minutes after the injection.