NICVIEW Sends You Pictures of Your Baby

Father and son looking at NiCview photos on tablet computer

NICVIEW is a camera system that allows you, your family and friends to view your NICU infant in real-time.

The streaming camera operates 24/7 through a secure on-line portal. This service helps you bond with your preemie or hospitalized infant even when you can’t be in the NICU with them.

NICVIEW Access and Security

NICVIEW produces an encrypted, streaming image. Cameras do not transmit sound or record video.

You can provide log-in credentials to family members, so they can securely access NICVIEW from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Only those you authorize will be able to see your baby's pictures. 

If a nurse is caring for your baby, you will see an ‘off-line’ image until your infant's care is complete. Remember, your baby’s care is the TOP priority, and pictures will resume after a short period of time.

If you find the NICVIEW camera creates anxiety or is a distraction, the camera can be turned off at any time.

Once you have been given login credentials you can visit

NICVIEW technical support

Please call 855-NICVIEW (855-642-8439) for all your technical needs.