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If you are inspired to make a difference by serving on the Neonatal Family Advisory Council or want more information, please email [email protected] or [email protected].

The Neonatal Family Advisory Council (FAC) is made up of 12-15 members with diverse roles. In order to keep the council "parent driven," the ratio of staff to parents should be no more than one staff member to every four parents. 

All members will go through a basic screening and orientation process as determined by Family Advisory Council leaders and hospital administration in order to gain a thorough understanding of all policies and procedures as well as their roles and responsibilities as part of the council.

Council Leaders

Rachel Levin

Parent Co-Chair of the Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital Neonatal Family Advisory Council

Rachel began her journey with the birth of her son Myles, 3. As a former NICU parent and mom to a child with special needs, Rachel is ecstatic to be building this council to help other families and make a difference in their lives.

[email protected]

Alison Martin

Parent Co-Chair of the Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital Neonatal Family Advisory Council

Alison draws from her personal experience as a two-time NICU graduate parent in her position as the NICU Family Follow-Up Coordinator for Coastal Carolina Neonatology. She provides encouragement to NICU families and strives to foster bonds with those whose infants may benefit most from receiving specialty care in the NICU Follow-Up Clinic after they have transitioned to home. Alison also represents the family voice on the VON Quality Improvement Teams and is a passionate advocate for family-centered care.

[email protected]

Debbie DeBose

Staff Liaison

Debbie has been a NICU nurse for more than 30 years. Though her professional experience helped her to relate to families with loved ones in the hospital, it wasn't until her own son was diagnosed with Hodgkins and her mother was also hospitalized that she got to live the experience on the other side. As a passionate advocate for family-centered care, Debbie is dedicated to ensuring all NICU families receive the vital support to get through their journey.

[email protected]

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." - Elizabeth Kubler

Member Roles and Responsibilities

Former Family Member

A family member whose relative was admitted to any NICU and is at least six months past the experience. These members may provide fresh and valuable insight about how to improve the experience of current families. 

They are expected to:

  • Participate through our online forum and/or by attending live FAC meetings
  • Regularly attend live FAC meetings, though this is not required

Parent Advisor

A former parent whose child has been at least one year past the NICU experience. This member is able to reflect upon his/her own experience and is an invaluable asset to the FAC. These members will design projects and help change policy to obtain family-centered care goals

They are expected to:

  • Attend and participate in monthly FAC meetings regularly

Parent/Support Member

Will provide support to current NICU parents 

They are expected to:

  • Meet all requirements of the Advisor
  • Complete NHRMC's Volunteer Program

FAC Leadership Member

Should have a solid understanding of hospital policy and serve in a direct support role as needed or desired

They are expected to:

  • Meet all requirements of the Advisor
  • Possess a strong desire to lead and motivate
  • Attend 75% of meetings
  • Complete NHRMC's Volunteer Program
  • Complete FAC training

Parent Chair

A member nominated by the staff liaison and voted in by the council

This member will have a regular presence in the NICU in order to build relationships with current NICU families and have a fresh perspective on current issues and suggestions. 

They are expected to:

  • Complete FAC training
  • Complete NHRMC's Volunteer Program
  • Attend monthly NICU meetings
  • Attend each FAC meeting (unless absence is necessary)
  • Design FAC meeting agenda with input from co-chair and staff liaison
  • Facilitate FAC meetings
  • Implement and facilitate family-centered activities and programs
  • Communicate agenda, projects, timelines, expectations and any other FAC-related information to all members
  • Recruit, train and provide leadership to FAC members with assistance from co-chair and staff liaison
  • Develop a strategic plan to support and empower families and staff to participate in family-centered care and develop relationships necessary to collaborate on projects
  • Represent families on selected hospital committees or conferences

Parent Co-Chair

A member nominated by the parent chair and staff liaison

He/She must meet all requirements and also serve in the role of parent advisor. 

They are expected to:

  • Attend each FAC meeting (unless absence is necessary)
  • Assist the parent chair in designing meeting agendas
  • Aid facilitation of meetings as planned
  • Facilitate FAC meetings in absence of chair
  • Serve as treasurer of the FAC
  • Design and assist in fundraising projects


A member nominated by parent leaders and voted in by council

He/She is a valued assistant to the parent leaders. This member must meet all the requirements and will also serve as a parent advisor. 

They are expected to:

  • Record and report monthly minutes - with completion requested by 10 days after the meeting and sent to the parent chair for edit
  • Research and share resources that relate to the Family Advisory Council and our mission
  • Participate in developing and implementing council goals

Staff Liaison

A permanent position agreed upon by the parent chair and hospital administration in order to provide consistency for the council and its connection to the hospital

Their role is to enable council members to have influence and direct input into hospital policies and programs. This position will be voted back in, or could have the opportunity to resign every two years. 

They are expected to:

  • Provide guidance for operating procedures and bylaws
  • Help define the role of a council, its place in the organization and the reporting relationships
  • Determine the hospital leaders' expectations for council activities and reports and share those expectations with the council
  • Provide consistent guidance and support for ongoing projects and goals of the council
  • Help develop strategies for recruiting and maintaining members and a diverse council

Staff Member

Selectively invited by the Family Advisory Council and is well known and recognized as family-centered care advocates

They are chosen by agreement between the staff liaison and parent leaders. 

They are expected to:

• Attend at least 75% live meetings per year