Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery

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Whether you are a weekend, amateur, collegiate, or professional athlete, you want to engage in the sports you love without pain. If you are injured, you want fast relief from healthcare providers who understand the unique needs of athletes.

Specialists in sports medicine provide comprehensive orthopedic care at New Hanover Regional Medical Center Orthopedic Hospital - an advanced facility dedicated to musculoskeletal conditions.

Nonsurgical Treatment

Your sports medicine specialist will first determine if your condition responds to nonsurgical therapy such as:

  • Bracing
  • Change to low-impact exercise
  • Over-the-counter or prescription medication - to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Orthotics
  • Rehabilitation

Surgical Treatment

You may consider surgery when other options do not provide the relief you want.

Surgical options for sports injuries include:

  • ACL reconstruction
  • Arthroscopic (minimally invasive) rotator cuff repair
  • Cartilage restoration
  • Knee arthroscopy (minimally invasive procedure to diagnose or treat) or knee replacement surgery
  • Ligament reconstruction
  • Operative fixation of fractures
  • Shoulder replacement surgery
  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow release