Orthopedic Support Services

Next Steps

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We support your recovery from orthopedic surgery with support services including pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and education about joint replacement.

The services that support your surgery are vitally important and help you prepare for and recover from surgery.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center Orthopedic Hospital provides comprehensive support services, including:

Preoperative Education for Joint Replacement

We will help you know what to expect before surgery by providing education on exercise and flexibility and postoperative home care planning. We’ll even provide a checklist to help you get ready for surgery.

Pain Management

New Hanover pain management specialists map out the best plan for you. Effective pain management through a combination of physical therapy, rehabilitation, and medication management helps you get on the road to recovery faster.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Recovery is a team effort, and your healthy mobility is our primary focus. Let our specialists give you the tools you need to get moving again.