Our Team

At New Hanover Regional Medical Center, our Stroke Program provides you excellent care following stroke. 

Led by a vascular neurologist, our team includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and other healthcare professionals working together to provide comprehensive, coordinated care. 

Our goal is to increase the speed at which you receive therapy, ensuring you a faster and more complete recovery. Your care begins from the moment emergency medical professionals respond to your call and continues through your rehabilitation and recovery. 

Meet the Team 

Your stroke care team includes:

  • Dedicated nurses, specially trained in stroke care, on the inpatient stroke unit
  • Pharmacists as part of our stroke team, available to deliver medications when needed
  • Physical therapists to help you regain mobility and provide assistive devices, such as braces, to help you regain independence
  • Speech and language therapists to help you overcome swallowing problems and speech difficulties
  • Occupational therapists to teach you new ways to approach daily living functions following stroke
  • A psychiatrist to prescribe medicine and offer treatment for depression, if needed
  • Quality outcomes health professionals who constantly assess protocols and outcomes to ensure you receive the best possible care 

We also encourage you and your family to participate fully in your stroke care, providing encouragement and assistance when needed, and celebrating your successes during recovery.