Evoked Potentials Testing

Physician Referrals

To refer a patient for a Evoked Potential procedure, call (910) 667-4051.
Evoked potentials testing measures how quickly a nerve responds to a stimulus. At New Hanover Regional Medical Center, we perform evoked potentials testing in these settings: 
  • In surgery, while patients are undergoing spinal procedures so that the surgeon can check to see if a nerve is still active. 
  • In the lab, we conduct evoked potential studies to check the nerves in patients who have experienced hearing or vision loss, blind spots and other ENT conditions that may be related to nerve damage or injury. Testing of the limbs is also performed for numbness. 

What to Expect

In surgery, all testing is done while you are under anesthesia. In the neurodiagnostic lab, an EP test is performed based on the symptoms.

  • If you have hearing loss, you will have an auditory brain stem evoked potentials test using a series of test tones. You will be fitted with earphones to provide a hearing pathway. 
  • If you have vision loss, a visual evoked potentials test is done to determine how they respond to test patterns on a video screen. 
  • Somatosensory potentials are done by connecting a tiny electrode to a nerve in the arms or legs to check for function. The nerves are stimulated by the electrical pulse. 

For each test, electrodes are connected to your scalp to record the response. The responses are tracked by the time the stimulation is applied and the speed of the response. This shows how nerves are functioning.


All nonsurgical evoked potentials testing is performed in the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Neurodiagnostic Lab, located on the 1st floor of the hospital.