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Ongoing monitoring is an important part of managing many conditions, such as congestive heart failure and hypertension.

Through our telehealth program, we can set up equipment in your home so you can take and record your blood pressure, oxygen levels, weight and more. That information is transmitted to our office and monitored by your cardiac care coordinators to help assist your physician with medical changes.

If we see a change that needs follow up, we’ll call you and talk about what might be influencing your numbers. If a visit is needed, we’ll arrange one to get you back on track before complications develop.

Telehealth Monitoring Advantages

Our telehealth monitoring:

  • Helps decrease return trips to the hospital
  • Educates you and your caregiver about how to manage your disease.

  • Improves management of certain diseases.

Telehealth is frequently used for patients with:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • High blood pressure
  • COPD or emphysema

Recognition for Innovation in Delivering Care to Rural Communities

Novant Health Home Care’s Telehealth Program earned Critical Access Hospital Recognition by The National Rural Health Resource Center for innovation.

Patients who have chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure often return to the hospital repeatedly when their conditions aren’t properly monitored and managed on a daily basis. Access to regular healthcare complicates the challenges for many, particularly in areas far from medical services.

Novant Health Home Care developed a program to help patients with chronic conditions. The telehealth program won national recognition from The National Rural Health Resource Center for Innovation in 2014.

How Telehealth Reduces Readmissions

Novant Health Home Care’s telehealth program provides monitoring equipment in the patient’s home to monitor vital signs and weight daily. Any changes in the patient’s condition prompts an appropriate intervention by the cardiac nurse to help prevent serious problems – which could lead to hospitalizations – from developing.

Early Success

Within its first year, Novant Health Home Care enrolled 223 patients, 159 of whom had prior hospitalizations. Of those 159, only nine were readmitted for congestive heart failure within 30 days, one-third the rate for similar patients who were readmitted in 2013.

The Recognition

The Critical Access Hospital Recognition was established by the National Rural Health Resource Center and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to recognize the excellent work in critical access hospitals throughout the country.