Radiographic Tests for Heart Disease

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Did you know your cardiologist often can begin to diagnose your heart condition by using simple imaging scans? These noninvasive tests performed in the radiology or nuclear medicine department assess your heart function.

At New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC), our Heart Center offers radiographic exams for heart disease. These tests use X-rays and other imaging technology to create detailed views of your heart structures.

Types of Cardiac Radiographic Tests We Offer

From screenings to advanced diagnostics, we provide all the tools your cardiologist needs to determine if you currently have heart disease – or if it may develop in the future. We offer:

Cardiac Calcium

This noninvasive CT scan images your heart’s arteries to identify the buildup of calcium deposits. Cardiac calcium scoring can provide an early warning of potential heart trouble. With this early diagnosis, your cardiologist can provide treatments that may help reduce your chance of a heart attack or other cardiac event in the future.

Cardiac CT

A cardiac computed tomography (CT) scan produces a three-dimensional image of your heart. This allows your cardiologist to look for early signs of disease in your heart valves, arteries, and other cardiac structures.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology uses large magnets and radio-frequency waves to create an image of your heart as it beats. This noninvasive test allows your cardiologist to assess the function of your heart valves and other important structures.