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Simple, noninvasive tests can tell your cardiologist a lot about your heart health. An electrocardiogram (EKG) evaluates the electrical activity generated by your heart at rest and during activity. These measurements provide important details about your heart rhythm and more.

Types of electrocardiograms offered at NHRMC Heart Center include treadmill stress test, holter monitoring, and tilt table exam.

Treadmill Stress Test

In this test, you will walk on a treadmill while wearing electrodes on your chest. This test measures how well your heart functions under stress. Your doctor can use this test to evaluate unexplained fatigue and shortness of breath, exercise-induced irregular heartbeats, and blood pressure response to exercise.

Holter Monitoring

With this test, a nurse or skilled technician will apply electrode pads to your torso and hook them up to a portable monitor to track your heart rhythm over 24 hours. You can even sleep with the monitor attached. The next day, you will return to the clinic to have the electrodes removed and the readings analyzed.

Tilt Table Exam

This special test is used to diagnose a condition called neurally mediated syncope (NMS) that causes people to pass out. You will lie down on a table and be secured to it by straps. Your physician or a skilled technician will apply electrode pads to your chest and a blood pressure cuff to your upper arm.

Then your physician will move the table into various positions while monitoring your body’s heart rate and blood pressure response. The test takes just a few minutes.