New Hanover Regional EMS

New Hanover Regional EMS offers many services to the residents and visitors of New Hanover County. Our EMS professionals have a common purpose - serving our patients and community.

911 Emergency Pre-Hospital Care

New Hanover Regional EMS is available to help in emergecnies by dialing 911. The EMS system averages 42,000 request each year.


Ambulances are strategically stationed at a number of locations throughout New Hanover County and are staffed by either two paramedics or Advanced EMTs.

Quick Response

Vehicles are staffed by a single Paramedic. These sport utility style units add versatility to response capabilities. They include a beach response truck that can transport patients off local beaches.

Bicycle Emergency Response Team (BERT)

A program that puts paramedics on medically-equipped bikes. This team operates during public events in which traditional ambulance response may be delayed.

The bike team’s mobility has proven to be highly effective in reducing time to treatment for patients in crowds or areas of limited accessibility.

EMS Gators

EMS Gators are often used as a transport resource for BERT. Gators are small All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) that are outfitted with stretchers. These Gators facilitate the safe extraction of patients out of crowded areas or off athletic fields.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

NHRMC EMS provides five tactical paramedics to be part of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s ERT unit.

Responsibilities include providing medical coverage during high risk law enforcement situations.

State Medical Assistance Team (SMAT III)

An EMS-based team designed to respond locally, regionally, or statewide in order to provide medical support for large scale events or disasters.

Special Operations Paramedics (SOPs)

Paramedics specially trained in skills like vehicle extrication, high angle rope rescue and hazardous materials. These paramedics become the medical component of area rescue teams.

Community Paramedics

The NHRMC Community Paramedicine program is dedicated to keeping our community healthy and helping patients manage their medical needs at home.

NHRMC Community Paramedics complete an additional 300 hours of specialized training and work collaboratively with multidisciplinary providers to fill resource gaps within the local community.