AirLink VitaLink

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When time is critical, we're ready to assist.


In any situation, when you need professional medical help and you need it fast, our AirLink and VitaLink teams bring immediate care to you and then transport you for complete medical treatment. Whether you're injured in a car accident, a heart attack or an accident on the water, our team of trained, experienced professionals is ready to respond.

AirLink in the Sky

Our helicopters are ready to fly 24/7. AirLink 1 and AirLink 2 are strategically based to cover all of Southeastern North Carolina. AirLink can care for critical and injured patients who need to be transferred from one facility to another or who need immediate evacuation from the site of an incident.

VitaLink on the Road

VitaLink is NHRMC's rolling intensive care unit, the vehicle that delivers care to and transports the most distressed patients. If a patient needs to be transferred to our neonatal ICU, VitaLink is equipped with the medical equipment and staff to get them there quickly and safely. Our fleet of vehicles includes a pediatric ambulance with special equipment and specially trained staff to transport infants and children to and from our pediatric and neonatal intensive care units.

Award-winning team

In 2018, we received the Mission: Lifeline EMS Gold Plus Award from the American Heart Association for getting quality care to heart patients in a timely manner. For the third time, NHRMC EMS and AirLink VitaLink Critical Care Transport teams received the highest Mission: Lifeline award possible.