2016 Cancer Annual Report


As the region’s premier cancer facility, having earned the prestigious Academic Comprehensive Cancer Program designation by the Commis¬sion on Cancer (COC), the Zimmer Cancer Center at New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) is committed to providing high quality, patient-centered and technologically advanced cancer treatment to all who seek its care. In fulfilling that commitment, the Zimmer Cancer Center actively collects data on cancer patients during their treatment at NHRMC. Results of this data are coalesced into an annual report and directly benefit future patient care. Collection of data at the Zimmer Cancer Center always adheres to HIPAA policies and procedures to ensure patient confidentiality.

Cancer Registry Activity - 2015

There were 2,493 analytic cancer cases, patients diagnosed and/or with all or first part of their treatment at New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) for the year 2015. There were 221 non-analytical cases.

Certified cancer registry staff members Christine Smith, RHIT, CTR, Joyce Boeh, RHIT, CTR and Jessica Rollings, CTR participated in abstracting and re¬porting initiatives, including cancer research activities, Commission on Cancer-generated studies and data collection. They also used data reports and analysis to validate referral patterns and support community initiatives. Key aspects of the registry include maintaining complete treatment information on NHRMC patients and Quality Assurance. The Cancer Registry department is very excited to announce the addition of Leslie Blair. Leslie is new to the registry field and is a welcome addition to the team functioning as Clinical Support Liaison.

The cancer registry is currently following 24,957 cases. The Commission on Cancer (COC) requires a follow-up rate of 90% for the last five years at which NHRMC’s rate is 96%. A follow-up rate of 80% from the reference year, which is 1999 for NHRMC, is also required, and the percentage at NHRMC is 95%, once again exceeding the COC standard’s requirement. A request was submitted and approved by COC to change the reference year. NHRMC’s current reference year is now 2004 as of March 2016.

In 2015, NHRMC cancer registry supported 68 cancer conferences which were facilitated by Oncology Support Liaison JoAnn Koch. In addition to the General Cancer Conference, there were site-specific conferences for GYN and breast sites. The cancer registry also sponsored clinical education activities to physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Zimmer Cancer Center, NHRMC and area private practice physicians for answering our letters, requests and phone calls. Their support strengthens the integrity of our data. A special thanks to Patrick D. Maguire, MD for his contribution to our annual report for the study of “Disease Site Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head & Neck (SCCHN)”.

Also thanks to the members of the Oncology Advisory Committee (OAC), Patrick D Maguire, MD, Chair, OAC and also Cyrus Kotwall, MD, CLP, Surgery for all their continued commitment to and support of the Cancer Registry.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Boeh, RHIT, CTR