Your Behavioral Health Team

For a Referral

Referrals to the Behavioral Health Hospital are made through Trillium. Call 866-875-1757.

Our mental health team provides a safe, secure environment for you as you work toward improving your mental health.


Our doctors meet with you regularly and manage your care. If you need medication, they will make sure you get what you need and that you understand its importance.

Nursing Staff

Your day-to-day comfort and progress are important to us, and your nurse managers will make sure your plan is followed. Nurses will work to provide medication, answer questions and work to meet your various needs.

Nursing Assistants & Psychiatric Technicians

These healthcare professionals work together to create a safe, stable therapeutic environment. They also help foster communication between patients and the treatment team.

Recreational Therapists

Exercise and recreational activities are key components of mental health, and our team helps by offering inclusive activities.

Social Workers

When you need to schedule treatment after discharge, your social worker will help you find that help.