Bariatric Surgery Support Services

Doctors who perform bariatric surgery at New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) offer robust support services, including dietary and mental health counseling. These services - from the time you are accepted as a surgical candidate through your recovery - help you adjust to the life-changing effects of this surgery.

Your participation in support services can significantly affect the success of your bariatric surgery. The more you understand and are prepared, the better your adjustment.

Support services may or may not be covered by your health insurance plan. Please contact your insurance company to determine what your plan covers for both surgery and postoperative visits.

Help Before & After Your Surgery

From mental health and nutrition counseling before surgery to learning from others who have completed weight-loss surgery, we connect you with the extra services you need to succeed.

Counseling & Education

A psychologist evaluates you and prepares you for what to expect emotionally and socially. Weight-loss surgery is a serious decision that requires you have strong mental health. Your psychologist must clear you before the surgical consultation process can proceed. We recommend you continue to consult with the psychologist after your surgery.

Diet & Nutrition

A registered dietitian teaches you about how to eat after your bariatric surgery in a way that makes you feel good and helps maintain your weight loss. The dietitian also provides you with a special diet to follow in the weeks leading up to your surgery. We recommend you work with the dietitian periodically after surgery for long-term success.

Support Groups

You may be asked to attend a bariatric support group meeting before you are accepted as a surgical candidate so you can learn from others about what to expect. We strongly recommend you attend support group meetings before and after your surgery.

Program Coordinator

Our bariatric surgery program coordinator is your contact for questions, concerns, and needs. Call 910-667-7170.