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If you are a clinician who would like to learn more about precepting, contact us at (910) 343-0161.

SEAHEC supports health sciences students from North Carolina colleges and universities and helps schools secure community preceptors help develop the future health workforce.

Our Student Services Team works with university course directors and clinical coordinators to identify teaching sites and to coordinate clinical community based placements within the SEAHEC region. Located in southeastern North Carolina, SEAHEC’s Student Services program provides the highest level of educational experience in an area packed full of amenities from charming Whiteville, to downtown Wilmington, to our region’s beach communities.

Health sciences schools depend on community preceptors to help train their students. Through SEAHEC, the NC AHEC Program helps secure community practitioners to precept students and assist schools in recruiting new community sites for learning. Roughly 250 preceptors in community medical practices, hospitals, and community health centers currently work with SEAHEC to provide training for medical, nurse practitioner, pharmacy, and physician assistant students. We provide financial, informational, and educational incentives to providers willing to precept, and we support preceptor development with approved training courses and by providing preceptors with full access to the AHEC Digital Library, which includes Medline and other evidence-based resources.