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The goal of SEAHEC’s Health Careers Workforce Diversity (HCWD) program is to increase the applicant pool of underrepresented populations in health careers. Through community partnerships in the SEAHEC multi-county region, the HCWD program provides students and educators with resources to improve the quality of education and generate student interest in health careers. As a part of the Student Services Department, HCWD collaborates with students K-12 to offer a variety of clubs, workshops, summer programs and special events. Through these programs, participants may visit health care facilities, gain volunteer experience, visit college campuses and health science programs and learn about health career professions and job requirements.  

Health Careers Programs

  • Health Careers Programs
  • Health Careers Exploration Clubs
  • Youth Health Service Corps (High School Only)
  • Health Careers Guest Speakers
  • Career Workshops
  • Health Career Puppet Bunch (Elementary School Only)
  • Future Leaders in Healthcare Conference (High School Only)
  • Summer Camps

NC AHEC Scholars Program

The NC AHEC Scholars Program recruits, trains, and supports a diverse group of students from across the state, creating a multidisciplinary team of health professionals committed to both community service and the transformation of health care in North Carolina. We seek individuals who are committed to improving health and health care, devoted to community service, and interested in improving their own skills and in working with other professionals in team-based care. Selected  applicants participate in a two-year educational program and may receive an $1,000 travel expense subsidy ($500 per year, subject to academic or institutional approval). For more information and eligibility requirements, please review the documents linked below. 

NC AHEC Scholars Program Information Sheet

NC AHEC Scholars Program Application

The statewide application deadline is April 30, 2018. For more information about AHEC Scholars through SEAHEC and to submit your application, email