Helpful Ways to Save on Your Medications

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Taking prescription medications is an important part of managing your health. We understand that out-of-pocket prescription costs may make it difficult to afford your medications. The following tips may help you save money on your prescribed medications.

Be a Smart Shopper

Insurance companies keep a list of the medicines they cover, which is called a formulary. Your insurance company will provide you with information that explains all your health benefits, including which
medications are on the formulary and what portion of the cost you will be expected to pay. Bring the formulary list with you to your doctors’ appointments to see if your prescribed medication is on the list or if there are appropriate alternatives that cost less.

Other ways to shop smart are:

  • Check with your insurance company to find out which pharmacies are preferred/in-network.
  • Compare prescription costs at more than one pharmacy.
  • If you will be taking the same dose and strength of a medication for three to six months, consider using mail order for your prescriptions. Some insurance companies will charge you less if you use a mail order pharmacy.
  • Check for pharmacy membership programs that offer discounts on medications.

Consider Generic Medications

Generic medications are typically less expensive than name-brand medications. Be sure to discuss with your doctor whether the generic version of a medication would be right for you.

Look for Financial Assistance

If you are having trouble paying for your medications, there may be resources available to help.

Patients with private or commercial insurance or insurance through their employers may be eligible for cost-saving cards provided by drug manufacturers.Many prescription websites have information on helping you save on your medications. Your employer may also offer benefits such as healthcare spending accounts (HSA) which help cover out-of-pocket costs for medications or health care related costs.

If you have Medicare Part D, check with your local social security or social services offices to see if you qualify for government-sponsored assistance programs such as low income subsidy or “extra help.”

The following websites have information on programs that may be able to offer assistance:

Remember to always speak with your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare team member about any concerns you have regarding your medications. Together, we can come up with the best plan for the most cost-effective way of getting and staying on your prescription medications.