Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Group

The Wilmington Prostate Cancer Support Group hosts monthly support groups to to promote its goals of prostate cancer education, support and advocacy. The group is a local resource for those diagnosed with prostate cancer and their spouses. All are welcome and members are encouraged to participate in the development of the group.

The group fosters a community of camaraderie and support, and members have the opportunity to discuss and share experiences on a variety of topics:

  • Screening
  • PSA levels
  • Recent diagnosis
  • Treatment research
  • Treatment results
  • Concerns regarding possible recurrence
  • Living with advanced cancer
  • Long term management of side effects

The group's members are the true focus at each meeting and are encouraged to offer suggestions for discussion topics, future speakers, and subjects that will benefit the group.

The Wilmington Prostate Cancer Support Group's parent organization, Us TOO International, provides scientific education to many local medical providers, some of whom will speak at the group meetings.

For more information, email

Free parking is available in the Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital parking lot.

All meetings are held in SEAHEC Classroom C. To get to Classroom C:

  • Enter through the Women's & Children's Hospital main entrance
  • Take the stairs or the elevator up to the first floor (main hospital level)
  • Walk straight down the hallway past the auditorium and the main hospital concourse
  • When you reach the Robert M. Fales Health Sciences Library, take the stairs or elevator down to the ground floor
  • Classroom C will be next to the elevator on the ground floor


George Gardner