HPV vaccine web

HPV Vaccinations Can Prevent Certain Cancers in Your Children

January 18, 2018
Some types of cancer can be traced back to the human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus is often...
Tonye Gray Blog

As She Lives and Breathes

October 31, 2017
A lung cancer screening helped Tonye Gray treat her cancer in its earliest stages.

Cancer Clinical Trials Questions and Answers

August 15, 2016
New Hanover Regional Medical Center is pleased to be able to offer clinical trials for some of...
Rehab Squat

Cancer Survivors Benefit from Physical Therapy During, After Treatment

April 06, 2016
Keeping your body active and strong will help you in your fight against cancer.
0316Fuse Illustration

FUSE Technology Sheds More Light on Colorectal Cancer

March 03, 2016
Cutting edge endoscopy equipment is helping physicians like myself find more polyps than ever...
Lung Imaging

Why is the Doctor Ordering One More Scan?

January 05, 2016
We want what's best for our patients. That means making sure that we learn everything we can...

Lung Cancer Treatment Advances with Streamlined Approach

December 15, 2015
A lot specialists used to mean a lot of appointments for those newly diagnosed with lung cancer....
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