NHRMC Unveils Plan for Mapping Out the Future of System’s Footprint

June 11, 2018
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In concert with our 2017 Strategic Plan, New Hanover Regional Medical Center is embarking on an initiative to develop a system-wide Comprehensive Master Plan.  While this initiative goes by many names, such as “Ambulatory Footprint” and “Service Distribution Strategy,” -- it is in its purest form, a Strategic Master Plan. We recognize that our patients have become savvier and are expecting a different healthcare experience – with Access being just one aspect of their care journey.

Payers are demanding we demonstrate value through improved outcomes, reduced waste, and more coordinated care.  The state and federal governments are creating more uncertainty by exploring changes to the Certificate of Need program in North Carolina and through never-ending evolution to Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

Charting a course through this unpredictable environment has never been more important.  It is vital that we look 10 years on the horizon and determine what NHRMC, “The System,” needs to look like to be successful.

  • We need to answer:
    • What services should we deliver?
    • Where should those services be delivered?
    • How should those services be delivered?

This work must merge NHRMC’s access goals with payer and physician network strategy. The ultimate goal is to know where to deploy resources now, mid-term, and long-term to achieve the highest and best use of our assets.

Welcome M&A Architects

From June 19-22, representatives from M&A Architects, a design firm with which we’ve partnered for our planning project, will visit NHRMC facilities. Please welcome them as they are here to help! If they ask you questions, don’t hesitate to share what you know. If they don’t uncover our obstacles, they cannot help us overcome them. Additionally, if you don’t meet the team during their June visit, don’t worry; they will be back.

This process involves a comprehensive study of NHRMC as a whole (three hospital campuses, freestanding ED, ASC, H&Ds, and our physician group locations), which is no small task. 

As such, this eight-month engagement will be broken down into 6 major phases, each with its own “activities.”

Here is a high-level overview:

Process & Anticipated Timeline

PHASE 1: EMPATHIZE ~June 18-July 23

  • Experiential Analyses
  • Clinical Functionality Analyses

    P 2: UNDERSTAND ~June 18 – July 23

  • Baseline Operational Analyses
  • Real Estate Asset Analyses
  • Baseline Demand Projections
  • Competitor Analysis

    PHASE 3: VISION ~ July 30 – Sept 3

  • Future State Visioning, covering future planning considerations regarding:
    • Healthcare Consumers
    • Regulatory / Payer Environments
    • Models of Care
    • Workforce Development
    • Environments of Care
  • Cross Industry Innovation Drivers and Opportunities

    PHASE 4: PROTOTYPE ~ Sept 3 – Oct 15

  • Mapping Tomorrow’s Healthcare Consumer’s Journey
  • Site of Service Planning
  • High Level Financial Analyses

    PHASE 5: TEST ~ Oct 15 – Nov 19

  • Customized Demand Projections
  • Key Room Forecasts
  • Space Programs
  • Real Estate Parameters and Test Solutions

    PHASE 6: IMPLEMENT ~ Nov 19 – Jan 21

  • Future State Physical Facility Evolution
  • Project Documentation and Delivery 

Once complete, we will have a clear roadmap that will allow us to maximize the use of our various facilities as we work to provide the right care with an optimal experience to every patient, at the right time, and in the right location. NHRMC is committed to the successful execution of its strategic plan in order to achieve its mission of Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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