Three Earn Nursing Excellence Awards at NHRMC

November 17, 2016
Nursing Excellence Recipients 2016

The NHRMC Nursing Congress received a record 64 nominations for its Nursing  Excellence Recognition Ceremony, a fact that underscores the excellent care our nurses provide on a daily basis. And this year, for the first time, New Hanover Regional Medical Center named three Nursing Excellence recipients.

The 2016 winners are:

  • Lisa Lazos, NHRMC Orthopedic Hospital Emergency Department
  • Cheryl Jefferson, NHRMC NICU coordinator
  • Jerri Mason, NHRMC Clinical Documentation Specialist

"We have 64 nominations this year, the most ever," said NHRMC COO and President John Gizdic. "This truly is a reflection of the great work we are doing in this organization."

Christie Paschal, Chair of the Nursing Congress, said Nursing Excellence Recognition day  is her favorite day of the year.

"You can see by the crowd here how many phenomenal nurses we have," Christie said. "Every day, I leave in awe of how awesome the nurses are in this organization."

The winners, said Chief Nursing Executive Mary Ellen Bonczek, represent different generations of great nurses.

Lisa Lazos

LisaLazosLisa's peers nominated her for being able to coordinate tasks, communicate effectively and project a sense of calm confidence in challenging circumstances. She received accolades for making connections with psychiatric patients and providing a calm steady influence for them.

Lisa (pictured, center) carries empathy for her patients and their families. On one occasion, a patient had to be transferred suddenly to the NHRMC main campus from the Orthopedic Hospital. Lisa called a cab for the distraught patient's wife, and then she called the Progressive Care Unit to make sure the couple could be reunited as soon as the wife arrived at NHRMC.

After winning her award, Lisa received an embrace from Jerry Sanford, a stroke patient and the father of an NHRMC nurse. Lisa played a key role in his emergency care.

"The fact that this patient can walk to her and can lift his arms to hug her is a testament to her nursing excellence," Bonczek said.

Cheryl Jefferson

CherylThe word "authentic" was used several times by co-workers who nominated Cheryl for the award. That accolade indicates that Cheryl is always ready to help and is genuinely interested in the best outcomes for her patients and for her staff.

One nurse asked Cheryl for help with a particularly difficult IV in a tiny infant. Cheryl helped immediately and cheerfully, patiently instructing to help her protégé improve her own skills. Cheryl didn't mention that she was on her lunch break. Moments later, Cheryl was spotted helping a family care for their infant, reassuring the parents with her innate calmness. She still wore that irrepressible smile, and she still hadn't finished lunch.

Jerri Mason

JerriA beloved fixture at NHRMC for 20 years, Jerri has been the driving force for Clinical Document Improvement at NHRMC. "Whether you need and answer or an ear," a co-worker said, "Jerri is your go-to girl!"

Jerri's co-workers admire her genuine spirit and value her expertise. As she nears retirement, Jerri speaks from the heart and manages up her co-workers. She also received praise for initiating the "Tip for a Kiss" program, which helped spread knowledge (and chocolate candies) through the NHRMC workforce.


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