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New Hanover Regional Medical Center recognizes the value of having family support and encourages loved ones to visit. Our patient-and family-centered visitation guidelines encourage loved ones to be a part of the healing process while still allowing for patient privacy and rest when needed. Although visiting at NHRMC is flexible, visiting hours end at 9 p.m. each night to allow for a restful and safe environment.

Visitor Guidelines

  • Do not visit if you have a cold, sore throat, fever or other illness.
  • Avoid noisy, disruptive behavior to help respect the healing of all patients.
  • Ask before bringing food, drinks or other items like balloons, flowers or perfume that might trigger allergies into patient rooms.
  • Wash your hands before entering a patient’s room.
  • Make sure all children have a supervising adult with them at all times

Additional Security Guidelines for Our Campus 

The safety of all of our patients, families, staff and volunteers is always our top priority. As we grow and the number of visitors increases on our campus, NHRMC will be taking steps to continue to improve security and create the safest environment for everyone.

New guidelines and the use of safety access badges will begin in the Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital. All visitors, including family members, to the women's and children's patient units will be required to present a photo identification at the front desk and be issued a visitor's sticker to wear while visiting.

Staff and volunteers will be stationed at the front desk to help check in anyone who wishes to visit a patient. 

Special Department Visiting Guidelines

Some areas have their own visitors' guidelines depending on patients' conditions, nature of treatment or other circumstances. Please read about visiting patients at the following locations.