Frequently Asked Questions

You may want to know more about the spritual care department and our chaplains. This information may answer some of your questions.

What does a hospital chaplain do?

Chaplains provide spiritual care and emotional support to patients, families, and staff who are emotionally distressed, struggling with religious/spiritual/ethical issues, or who are requesting a specific religious rite or ritual. Chaplains are available to provide a caring, listening ear. They also make referrals to appropriate religious groups on behalf of patients and families.

Are the chaplains affiliated with a specific church?

Our chaplains are affiliated with particular faith communities, but the work of the Spiritual Care Department is interfaith. Our goal is to help patients and families utilize their own faith resources.

What does it mean to be "interfaith"?

Being an interfaith department means we value, honor and respect the religious diversity throughout our network. Our chaplains seek to provide spiritual care and understanding among people of all belief systems. We have religious resources on hand to serve patient, family and staff needs. If you have questions or concerns, please call 910-667-7014.

How do I contact a chaplain?

Our chaplains are assigned to clinical areas. In addition to calling, you may ask a staff member to page the unit chaplain. You may also dial 0 (inpatients) and ask the operator to page the chaplain.

Is there a Catholic priest on staff?

While we do not have a Roman Catholic priest on staff, we have an arrangement with the priests at a local Catholic Church. The priests are available for pastoral emergencies, such as anointing of the sick.

Are your chaplains professionally trained?

Yes. All our chaplains have had extensive training in ministry. The director is Board Certified by the Association of Professional Chaplains and also is a certified ACPE Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor. The teaching faculty of Clinical Pastoral Education supervisors have been certified by The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center is accredited as a teaching center for Clinical Pastoral Education by The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

Where can I get a Bible or devotional book?

Contact the Spiritual Care office at 910-667-7014, or ask a staff member to contact the on-call chaplain, who will be happy to bring a Bible or devotional book to your room.

Can I become a volunteer chaplain at New Hanover?

No, our spiritual care team is professionally trained and selected annually from applications to our Clinical Pastoral Education program. For information on volunteering in other areas, please visit our volunteer page.