Clergy Visits

Contact a Chaplain

To contact a member of our Spiritual Care Department, call (910) 667-7014. 

We want all religious leaders to feel welcomed and at ease in the hospital. Community clergy are encouraged to visit their members when they are hospitalized. It is helpful to have your members contact your office whenever they are admitted.

The Spiritual Care Department offers Clergy Badges for clergy and other authorized persons who regularly visit the hospital. However, we are unable to offer reserved parking for clergy members.

Clergy Visitation Guidelines

At New Hanover Regional Medical Center we welcome religious leaders of all faith traditions. We value your ministry and partner with you to provide patients and those who care about them with compassionate attention.  NHRMC believes in the value of life. Our philosophy is to honor and celebrate life through the care we deliver. This includes spiritual and emotional support as well as excellent medical care. Our patient-centered team approach is focused on helping the patient find healing.

Religious List for Area Clergy

It is helpful to have your members contact your office whenever they are hospitalized. Our patients are asked their religious affiliation when they are admitted. We provide a directory of patients by religious affiliation at NHRMC Orthopedic Hospital as well as our main NHRMC campus.

Patients have the right to decline having their names listed.  When requesting their room number you may be informed that we do not show a patient with that name. We give this response in order to honor the patient's request for privacy.

In keeping with HIPAA laws to protect the privacy of our patients, we require persons wishing to see the directory to wear a Clergy Badge. A Clergy Badge allows you to access the Religious List and also identifies you as clergy to other staff members.

Clergy Badge

Persons wanting to obtain a Clergy Badge and visit patients on behalf of their congregation need to be oriented to NHRMC by a member of the Spiritual Care Department staff. You must submit a letter on the congregation's letterhead stating that you are serving the congregation in this capacity. The letter should be signed by the congregation's lay leader for all clergy, or by the pastor for lay ministers. You should also fill out the Clergy Badge form and bring it with you to the Spiritual Care office.

Sample wording for this letter follows:

"Rev. _____ is a part of the ministerial staff of _____ church at (address). Part of her/his duties include hospital visitation of members of our congregation.

Please issue a Clergy Badge to Rev. _____ so she/he will be easily identified in the hospital as clergy."


_________________________ (office title)
_________________________ (Name of church/congregation)

You may call the Spiritual Care office asking a chaplain to visit a patient, and we will be glad to do so. We will also inform the patient that you called. However, apart from the patient's room location, we cannot pass along any information to you about the patient or the patient's condition.

Please view the hospital policy regarding Patient Visitation by Clergy.

For more information or to ask questions, please call the Spiritual Care Department at 910-667-7014, or e-mail [email protected].