Video Visits

NHRMC is dedicated to offering various ways for you to communicate and interact with your healthcare provider without having to come into the office.

Patients are able to replace their in-person visits with a virtual visit through MyChart that allows you to stay home while also having access to your primary physician. Just log into your MyChart account, have access to a camera-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer with internet connection.

Don't have a MyChart account?  Video visits through Zoom described in the second tab below does not require MyChart.  To schedule a Zoom call please contact NHRMC Physician Group Primary Care Office to shedule your video visit.  Once scheduled you can follow the instructions in the Zoom instructions below.

Click the appropriate tab below for video visit instructions.

MyChart Vidyo Visits

MyChart Vidyo appointments must be conducted on a Mobile device. You will need to download the MyChart App in order to join the appointment.

Download the MyChart App (if you already have the app installed then scroll down on this page to "Starting the Visit")

1. Open the App Store or the Google Play store from your mobile device.


2. Search for the MyChart App and Download.


3. Once the App has downloaded, click Open.


4. Accept the Licensing agreements



5. It will prompt you to select an organization. Search for NHRMC and select it.


6. Enter your MyChart login and password.


Scheduling a MyChart Vidyo Visit

If you have not yet scheduled your video visit you can do so in MyChart on a computer or in the MyChart Mobile App.

1.  Once logged into MyChart click "Schedule and Appointment" under Quick Links in the right column of the page.
    (Or in the mobile app tap appointments, then tap the green Schedule an Appointment button at the bottom of the page.)

2.  On the next page select Video Visits from the options provided and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. 


Starting the Visit

1.  On a mobile device from the MyChart home screen, find your MyChart Vidyo appointment. 

2. To start the appointment, click the Appointment icon and click eCheckin.

3. Verify your demographics, insurance, medications, pharmacy, and all pertinent health information.
4. Once you have completed the eCheckin portion, you will receive the following message:

5. Click Close
6. The video visit can now begin.



How to Start Your Zoom Appointment

What you will need:

  • A smart phone or computer with a camera and microphone.
  • It is best to have a fast, reliable internet connection.

Logging into the Appointment

  1. Your provider will either send you an email with a link that will take you directly into the private meeting or you will go to and follow the directions below.


  2. On the next page you will be prompted for a meeting ID. This will be given to you by the provider.


  3. At this point you will be in a personal meeting room where your provider will join you in the virtual meeting.