Patient Health and Safety

S.P.E.A.K. U.P. for Safety

  • Speak up if you have questions or concerns, and if you don't understand, ask again.
  • Pay attention to the care you are receiving.
  • Educate yourself about your diagnosis, medications, tests and the treatments you are undergoing.
  • Ask a trusted family member or friend to be your advocate.
  • Know what medications you take and why you take them.
  • Use a healthcare organization that has undergone a rigorous on-site evaluation against established state-of-the-art quality and safety standards.
  • Participate in all decisions about your treatment. You are the center of your healthcare team.

The safety of our patients and visitors is a top priority for us. In order to promote safety in our facilities, we encourage you to take an active role in your care. New Hanover Regional Medical Center does the following to ensure the health and safety of our patients.

Patients Leaving Treatment Areas/Units 

Once you are admitted to a treatment area or unit, we ask that you not leave your designated area unless you are accompanied by a member of your care team.

This helps ensure your safety and continuity of care as well as to make sure your healthcare team can monitor your condition while you are with us. 

Tobacco-Free Policy

To promote a healthy environment, NHRMC prohibits the use of tobacco products and electronic everywhere in its facilities, including parking lots and personal vehicles parked on property leased or owned by NHRMC. 

Patients who insist on using tobacco will be required to check out of the hospital "AMA" (Against Medical Advice). Upon returning, those patients must then be re-admitted through NHRMC's standard admission process. 

Patient Identification

When you are admitted to the hospital, you will receive a wristband with information including your name, date of birth and medical record number. Throughout your stay, your care team will check your wristband before giving you medications and treatments or performing any tests or procedures. They may also ask you to verify your name and date of birth. 

Some patients may also receive additional colored wristbands to identify any allergies, risk factors or special needs. 

Infection Prevention

  • Always use proper hand hygiene
  • Use the hand-sanitizer available in dispensers throughout our facilities and in all patient rooms
  • Patients and visitors should always perform frequent hand hygiene, especially:
    • Upon entering and exiting a patient’s room
    • After touching objects or surfaces in the hospital
    • Before eating
    • After using the restroom

Isolation Precautions

As an added measure of safety, patients who might have germs that could spread to others may be placed in isolation precautions. If you are placed in isolation precautions:

  • Your healthcare providers will enter your room wearing protective equipment (e.g., gloves, gowns, masks)
  • Visitors will be asked to adhere to the same protective equipment requirements, details and protocols found on signs posted on the patient’s door
  • Children under 12 will not be allowed in isolation precaution rooms
  • You will be asked to stay in your room as long as isolation precautions are needed

Additional Infection Precautions 

During flu season, visitors with active flu symptoms will not be permitted to visit patients at NHRMC until 48 hours after symptoms are gone. Occasionally, NHRMC will implement further flu restrictions to safeguard the well-being of our patients. When implemented, visitation guidelines will be changed to meet the specifics of that flu season and will be posted around our facilities. 

Medication Safety

  • Tell your caregivers about any medications you are taking
  • Tell your caregivers about any nonprescription medications, vitamins and herbal remedies you are taking
  • Keep a written list of your medications using the patient medication form
  • Check your NHRMC MyChart account for a list of current medications

Medications in the Hospital

While your are hospitalized, NHRMC will administer all your necessary medications. You will not take your own medications.

Please note that charges for these medications will be billed on your hospital statement. If you have any questions, please ask right away.

Herbal Medications

The NHRMC pharmacy will not dispense any herbal medication while you are in the hospital. Patients will be not be allowed to take their own products while receiving treatment.