Coming to the hospital can often be stressful for patients and loved ones. We want to ease your concerns by making sure you have the information needed to prepare for your appointment or hospital stay ahead of time. We want to help you find the correct forms you need, get insurance and billing information, understand your rights and request medical records. 


To help your admission process go more smoothly, take a moment to download pre-registration paperwork and fill them out before your appointment.

Real-Time Location System

Patients will be given a small wearable device to help monitor their location while they are at the hospital. NHRMC uses these locators to help increase overall efficiency of care - knowing exactly where patients are when they are receiving various services.

The wearable technology is also being used on to staff and equipment. If you have any questions, please ask a member of your care team.  

Billing and Insurance

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Learn about your rights and responsibilities, including protection of your medical information, how it is used and disclosed.

Patient Health and Safety

Learn how to become an active member of your safety care team.

Medical Records

Find out how to access your medical records.