Masks Available for All Patient Care Staff

March 26, 2020
Through our traditional supply chains, the assistance of state and federal sources, and the generosity of our faithful community, NHRMC has increased our supply of certain types of PPE. 
Containing COVID-19 and keeping it from spreading is our highest priority at NHRMC. The safety of our employees and patients has always been and will continue to be of utmost importance throughout our response to this pandemic. 
To enhance the safety of our staff, we will make masks available beginning Friday, March 27 to all employees who are involved in direct patient care.

“We have listened to frontline staff across the organization about your concerns regarding PPE,” said Amy Akers, VP/Associated Chief Nurse Executive. “In response to those concerns, and because it is the right thing to do, we are expanding the use of masks to employees providing direct patient care within 6 feet.”

  • One mask will be issued at the start of each shift. 
  • Use this mask as long as possible, changing only when the mask becomes wet or soiled.
  • Masks will be distributed by managers and supervisors to teammates engaging in patient care within 6 feet. 
  • To ensure that we continue to have an adequate supply, please continue to be conscious of mask conservation efforts
  • Limit the number of masks used per shift
  • Practice conservation measures
NHRMC continuously monitors our supply of masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and makes adjustments in our PPE guidelines in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines. Adhering with conservation measures will help us keep ensure PPE is available to all healthcare workers who need it.