COVID-19 Resource Support Team, Happy Helpers

January 22, 2021
Reassignments and Pay Information

As NHRMC continues to plan and prepare for a potential surge of COVID-19 patients, the Operations Team and Resource Support Team have identified several key roles to be filled by members of the Resource Support Team.

To fulfill these duties and help NHRMC best care for our community during this public health crisis, these employees may need to receive education and/or training.

To assist with awareness, a list of all COVID-related roles and the necessary training/education can be found on SharePoint.

Note: All team members who sign up for Vaccination Clerk shift must register with NCID. Registration tips can be found here.

The Resource Support Team will add employees to Resource Support Units in Work Force Management based on certifications and skills. The Resource Support Team will also keep track of employees who have been trained and oriented in various departments.

Please review the updated Tip Sheets, FAQ, and Standard Work to help support proper processing and tracking of resources submitted to the Resource Support Team. We appreciate Leaders staying informed and discussing these changes with employees.

Instructions for Picking Up a Shift

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In ETM (exempt employee)