CAPR & PAPR Organization and Deployment Strategy

April 08, 2020

NHRMC is working to ensure that we provide our employees with the proper PPE for the right patient at the right time. To achieve this goal today and in the future, we must be judicious with our use of PPE, including CAPRs and PAPRs.

NHRMC has established guidelines for the use of these items. The primary goal is providing excellent care for our patients and protecting our staff.

To accomplish this, NHRMC has implemented the following guidelines for the distribution of CAPRs and PAPRs:

  • CAPRs will be deployed to specific units treating COVID patients with aerosolized procedures. This will align with the expanding Space Management Plan.
  • CAPRs or PAPRs will be available for check-out for specific needs through the SWAT team:
    • Call 667-4261
    • SWAT team will complete education and assist as needed following approved guidelines around PPE and aerosolized procedures
    • SWAT team will deliver equipment to employee requesting CAPRs or PAPRs (Equipment is checked out by employee name and phone number)
    • CAPRs and PAPRs must be returned end of shift or at end of procedure requiring use
    • Continue to follow specific procedures required for N95, face shields and goggles through nursing supervision