Andre Boyd Named Top 2020 COO by Industry Era Magazine

December 07, 2020
Andre Boyd 12 2020 NHRMC COO Andre Boyd was recently named one of Industry Era Magazine’s 10 Best COOs of 2020.

Industry Era Magazine, a business trade publication, recognized Boyd for his passion for innovation and his commitment to mentoring young healthcare leaders.

In its feature on Boyd, the magazine noted that he has “made innovation a significant part of the culture at NHRMC.”

“We truly believe in being forward thinking and have implemented revolutionary technologies [that have] resulted in saving the staff’s time, improved patient experience, and enhanced overall flow and throughput for the organization,” Boyd said.

The article also highlighted Boyd’s commitment to mentoring younger healthcare leaders, particularly African Americans. He has about 50 mentees and makes it a personal goal to speak with 100 healthcare leaders every year.

“It is imperative that you are committed, through your authentic leadership style, to the success of the organization; but most importantly to the success of the people within the organization,” Boyd said.

The article pointed out several of NHRMC’s accomplishments with Boyd as COO, including the opening of new facilities, commitment to keeping patients’ costs affordable, and advancements in patient care.

Read the full article here.