Hope is Not Quarantined. Support the United Way

October 13, 2020
United Way Hope 2020

NHRMC is partnering with The United Way of the Cape Fear Area to raise money to provide resources to help those in our community.

Our local United Way serves New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick and Columbus counties, with services focused on preparing children and youth for success and strengthening families and individuals. This year has been specifically challenging for many due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Food insecurities and domestic violence are two areas of focus in supporting those in need.

This year's campaign theme is "Hope is not quarantined. Fear is not isolated."


UWCFA partners with 44 local agencies to assist families facing homelessness or food insecurity, student support services, medical and dental appointments for the uninsured, emergency shelters, and connecting individuals with health and human services organizations, among other initiatives.


Some of the community organizations that receive help are Boys and Girls Homes of NC, Communities in Schools, Nourish NC, YWCA, and Domestic Violence Shelter and Services. You can designate your donation to go to the organization of your choice.

See the complete list of community partners.

How to Donate

Last year, NHRMC employees donated $92,000 to the United Way. Our goal this year is to receive donations from at least 400 employees and exceed our goal of $100,000 donated.

NHRMC Employees have the option to donate one time through a pledge card, donate one time through payroll deduct, or donate per pay period through payroll deduct.

Atrium employees and medical staff members who are not directly employed by NHRMC can donate using the pledge cards.

All payroll deductions will be taken beginning the first pay period in January 2020. Reminder: payroll deductions will not roll over automatically; if you wish to donate, you must sign a new pledge form.

Click here to donate


NHRMC is awarding about a dozen prizes, including massages and gift cards, and you can get registered by donating as little as $1 per pay period. Payroll deduct is available, and your donation from last year will not roll over.

Learn more

Additional information about specific United Way initiatives can be found at https://www.uwcfa.org/.