Cures Act Will Change the Way We Release Information to Our Patients

October 29, 2020

The Cures Act is a significant move forward for the medical community nationally. It supports seamless and secure access, exchange and use of electronic health information. It also aligns with NHRMC's Commitment to Provide Exceptional Quality, Value and Personal Service.

Beginning November 1, NHRMC will begin sharing notes, labs and imaging electronically in real time with patients. Once implemented, these changes are designed to relieve patient anxiety related to delayed test results, enhance shared decision making and further engage patients in their medical care. As medical providers we will need to work to ensure patients have the information they need to absorb these results and understand next steps.

Cures Act FAQs

What is changing?

  • NHRMC must electronically release all results (lab, imaging, pathology) and notes to the patient upon finalization. Currently, these types of results and notes are available to the provider immediately, with a four-day delay before release to the patient. Patients and providers will now receive results simultaneously.
  • Results can only be held if the provider believes immediate release will cause direct physical harm to the patient. There are limited exceptions to this rule.
  • Healthcare institutions and providers must electronically release results to the patient in the way the patient would like to receive them.

How will NHRMC navigate this change?

  • NHRMC is preparing for these changes and will be providing continuous communication and education through this transition, for patients, providers and staff
  • MyChart will be reviewed and enhanced
  • Haiku and Canto notification process will be implemented

Who is impacted?

  • Century Cures Act requirements will be implemented nation-wide
  • These changes will affect all healthcare providers and facilities within the New Hanover Regional

Medical Center network

Staff or external requestors will be encouraged to report any concerns regarding information blocking to Compliance via the Compliance Hotline at (800) 348-9847. Patients may voice concerns directly with their provider, Health Information Management or the Patient Advocate Liaison.


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