Boo in the NICU

October 30, 2020
boo in nicu 2

Trick or Treat, smell our super cute, tiny feet!! Happy Halloween from the tiniest patients at New Hanover Regional Medical Center!

As we shared last week, the NICU staff has created costumes for all of the babies this year. Parents have been able to create memories with their little ones by choosing a costume and dressing them up for their first Halloween. Although the babies won't be getting candy bars this year, it has been a special *treat* for parents, as well as staff. "I have loved seeing the staff come together with parents this year to create holiday memories during a challenging time.

The pandemic has changed everything, including our "Boo in the NICU," but we have embraced the challenge and made this project even bigger and better than it has been in the past," says Meredith Foster Roy, leader of the Holiday Club in the NICU. Aside from their impressive NICU nursing skills, nurses Christen Windham and Katie Bland have been able to show off their creative and organizational skills through their help with this project. "I am especially impressed with the costume pictures taken by Liz Grune, RN. She is an excellent nurse, but it seems that she could have a side profession in infant photography as well," Roy says.

We hope you enjoy your Halloween- from the babies, families and staff of the NICU!

boo in nicu 3  Boo in Nicu 1