Answer New Resilience Survey to Help NHRMC Help Our Employees

September 16, 2020
Earlier this summer, NHRMC asked you to fill out a survey to let our leaders know how you were adjusting to some of the uncertainties from COVID-19 and the hospital's partnership exploration. We used the information from that survey to find out how we could help our employees.
Since then, things have changed. Many workers have adjusted to working from home, we have a firmer grasp of what partnership will look like, and the first major surge of COVID patients has passed. But our children are not back in school yet, and we are still limited as to how much face time we enjoy with our colleagues.
So we have updated the survey and we ask you to participate, even if you answered some of these same questions months ago.
We want to know how you’re doing. Not in the general sense that people ask about when they greet each other. But how are you really doing, from the perspective of your mental health, your stress, your anxieties, your energy level and your ability to cope.
None of us have been through times like this. Even in “normal” times, many of you see things, hear things, and feel things that only those who live this can understand. During the COVID-19, this is even more true. It’s a frightening time to be in health care.
Please help us help you. Answer honestly so that we can organize more resources to address what you are feeling. We are asking you to partner with us on finding solutions that will last far into the future.