SEAHEC Practice Support Distributes 1,000 Masks to Children

September 21, 2020
Peds Mask Final Image
SEAHEC Practice Support recently ordered more than 1,000 pediatric cloth face masks to distribute to 13 practices in Southeastern NC. This was all made possible by the State Employees Credit Union (NCSECU) Foundation who recognized the remarkable work NC AHEC Practice Support has done statewide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing the team works with smaller independent practices often in rural areas, SECU has made funding available to each AHEC’s Practice Support Team to be used in a meaningful way for each region.
The team understands the impact that COVID has had on practices, especially pediatrics. The hope for this delivery was to make an impact on the care of patients, providing a mask for those who may otherwise not have one.
SEAHEC was lucky enough to partner with Janene Becker, RN, who recently retired from the Clinical Informatics team.