Epic Upgrade Set for Sept. 12; Transparent Lockdown Begins Sept. 4

September 03, 2020
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On Saturday, September 12th NHRMC will move to a newer version of our Epic Health Record. The upgrade provides all of our Epic end users with greater functionality but most importantly allows our laboratory to become part of the Epic system and be fully integrated with the new Beaker Module.

For this upgrade that includes the new BEAKER module, we are planning for a 3-hour downtime from 1-4 a.m. on September 12, 2020.  During this downtime, Epic will be in read-only access mode, and downtime procedures will be in effect.

9/4/20 (Week Prior to Upgrade)-Epic Workflow Limitations

One week prior to the 9/12/20 go-live, the Epic upgrade project team begins updating data behind the scenes while you continue to work in the system.  This is a required process called the Transparent Lockdown.  This process creates workflow limitations in the system. Users will not be able to make changes to customize certain aspects of your workflows, for example: 

  • Creating or Editing SmartPhrases and SmartLinks
  • Moving Activities to a Sidebar or Floating Window

Click here for a complete list & more details:

Epic Upgrade Transparent Lockdown Workflow Limitations

Education for the Upgrade:

Please visit Learning Home Dashboard within Epic for all end users.

My Dashboards > Type in Learning Home in the Search window > Choose which Learning Home applies to your discipline:  Providers use Provider, Ambulatory users use Ambulatory, Nursing/Non provider clinicians use Inpatient

Inpatient nurses have assigned CBLs in Netlearning. All other disciplines and providers will have area specific education and training.

Education Links

Beaker for Nursing: Hyperspace & Rover

EpicCare Inpatient Clinical Documentation Upgrade Nursing

September 12 Epic Upgrade Overview


9/12/20 Night of Upgrade Need to Knows

To find Read-Only access on 9/12/20 from 1-4 a.m.

  • Look for the read-only icon under Start>Programs>NHRMC Connect Downtime
  • Click on “Epic-Downtime C - (read-only icon) located on the desktop of all PCs

This will allow access to our NHRMC Epic system in a read-only mode. Read-only login is the same as the user's production login.

**No changes or updates to patient information will be able to be completed during the downtime. 

Downtime Tool Kits:

Know where your department’s downtime tool kit is located. The downtime tool kit is a gray box containing the necessary forms you may need during the downtime.  

Go-Live Support:  

Command Center will open on 9/12/20 at 3 a.m. Support line for immediate questions/concerns will be 910-667-6300.