Respiratory Therapist Cheryl Padezanin Named August Employee of Excellence

September 01, 2020
August EOE

NHRMC Respiratory Therapist Cheryl Padezanin has been honored as Employee of Excellence for August.

Hers is a story of owning her job, empowering others, and helping save the life of one of our most vulnerable patients.

The staff at the Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital were caring for an infant that weighed just over one and a half pounds. This micropreemie needed to be intubated. As you can imagine, the process is extremely delicate and precise. This tiny life was in the hands of Stephanie Chambers, a nurse practitioner student who was trained for the task but had never intubated such a tiny baby.

Fortunately, Stephanie was working with Respiratory Therapist Cheryl Padezanin.

These are Stephanie’s words:

“To say I was nervous would be an understatement. Cheryl calmly assisted me with first gathering all of the supplies needed because, according to Cheryl "you cannot be successful without all of the right tools at the bedside." Cheryl also reminded me that I was in charge of the intubation and that I needed to communicate my needs to my team in a direct manner to prevent any confusion. This direct communication included going through a mental checklist out loud with the team present to ensure all equipment and people were present at the bedside. This communication also prompted us to complete a timeout and identify our 5 patient rights prior to starting the procedure.

When it came to technique, Cheryl stood right beside me and calmly walked me through each step of the intubation, what anatomical landmarks I should be visualizing, tips/tricks such as applying cricoid pressure and remembering not to "rock back" with the blade, and provided complete reassurance during the entire procedure that I was doing all the right things in a reasonable amount of time. Cheryl provided constant reminders that I could do this and she was there to support me every step of the way.

I successfully intubated that 700 gram micropreemie on the first try because of Cheryl. Her calm demeanor, encouraging words, and immense knowledge taught me everything I needed in that moment.”

This was truly a moment of greatness. One co-worker sharing her knowledge and supplying the confidence to help another co-worker achieve something she had never done before. And those two co-workers dedicating unflinching focus to one task – helping this tiny baby breathe.

It was a moment to be remembered and savored. But it didn’t happen by chance. This moment of greatness was a culmination of determination, dedication, and preparation.

Cheryl Padezanin is committed to Health and Vitality for All. She makes sure her equipment is in place prior to the patient’s arrival, eliminating potential delays. She stocks carts in her downtime, ensuring that the next Respiratory Therapist won’t lose time looking for supplies. She helps busy nurses by doing little things like giving a baby a pacifier, bathing a patient or taking pictures.

That’s why, when she needed to rise to the occasion, Cheryl was ready. And she provided the calm guidance and steady presence that helped Stephanie accomplish greatness that day.

And because of their teamwork, that tiny baby could breathe. Eventually, that micropreemie was discharged home with his family.

NHRMC is proud to announce that Cheryl Padezanin, Respiratory Therapist, is the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for August 2020.