NHRMC Foundation to Fund Caring Suite through Founder's Non-Gala

August 26, 2020
Founders Non GalaREVISED
In alignment with our mission to lead our community to outstanding health, NHRMC Foundation has decided not to host in-person events for the remainder of 2020. While this means that we will lose the glitz and glamour of the traditional Founders’ Gala, we gain the opportunity to make a greater impact on the experience of our Betty H. Cameron Women & Children’s pediatric patients through our new virtual fundraising initiative, 2020 Founders’ Non-Gala. This effort will take place from September 1 to September 25 and will offer several opportunities for our community to make an impact.

Dedicated to advancing our ability to provide patient-friendly scans for our smallest patients, NHRMC Foundation is committed to raising $200,000 to fund a Caring MRI Suite. This specialized suite is designed to provide patients with the ability to customize their imaging environment (through music, lights, video display, etc.), lessening the need for sedation and anesthesia and improving the overall patient experience.

Last year, 1,115 pediatric patients at Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital required MRI scans. Of those 1,115 patients, 391 required sedation in order to complete their scans.

Whether it be via a one-time gift or sponsorship commitment, participating our silent auction or fundraising on our behalf, we hope you will consider supporting the 2020 Founders’ Non-Gala by making a contribution to this important initiative.  Learn more at nhrmc.org/founders-non-gala