Sign Up Your Kids for the EFC Cooking Club

August 24, 2020
Kids Cooking Club Photo

Enroll today to help your kids establish healthier eating habits and gain confidence in the kitchen. Cooking Club enrollment ends on Sept. 4 and classes begin on Sept. 14, so sign up today!

Membership includes 6 cooking kits to be spread out over 12 weeks. The cooking club is open to kids ages 4-14 and all cooking lessons include age-appropriate adjustments.

Each kit includes:

  • A dietitian- and chef-led video to follow during the experience
  • 3 kid-friendly recipes with recipe-specific shopping list
  • A fun new kitchen tool to keep
  • A cooking club apron (in your first kit) 

Cost is $10 per child via payroll deduction and the cooking club starts the week of September 14.

Click Here to Enroll

For questions about the cooking club, contact Sara Parrish, RD, at 667-4013 or [email protected].