Diane Graham to Retire After 46 Years with NHRMC

August 27, 2020
diane and john

Forty-six years ago, Diane Graham went to the ground floor of New Hanover Memorial Hospital, filled out a paper application in the personnel department, and was hired into our pharmacy department. With that, a career was born and many lives were touched.

Diane, an administrative assistant, will retire from NHRMC on Friday, Sept. 4.

Here is a tribute to Diane from Pharmacy System Director Mike Melroy.

Several teammates have referred to Diane as the “glue of the department, always willing to listen, to advise, or to laugh” which they often hear anytime they are near Diane’s desk in the pharmacy.

Diane is like our pharmacy mother. She takes care of us. She makes sure we are fed, she listens if we have things that are heavy on our hearts, if we have a sick parent or child. Our teammates say “I know she prays for us because this is who she is, and the most important thing to her."

Diane’s desk is where her teammates come to complain, to cuss, to cry as well as to laugh or tell a story. Her teammates know she will listen – a skill so common yet so rarely practiced – and offer words of wisdom. Her teammates know her candy jar will always be filled. Diane says that she has been impacted by so many people she has met over the years and prays that she has impacted others in some ways. She has without question. One teammate said there is no one here she hasn’t touched in some way. Diane is the “face of the pharmacy.”

Diane says she is grateful she is one of the few who remembers how our county hospital started, and we are grateful that she is a part of who we have become. Diane, we celebrate your career, we thank you for all you have given to so many, and we wish you the very best in retirement.