New Temporary Contagious Illness Policy Now in Effect

August 26, 2020

To ensure employees who are ill with a contagious illness do not report to work, NHRMC has enacted a new Temporary Contagious Illness policy. The new policy permits a one-time excused period of absence for employees experiencing symptoms associated with a declared epidemic, pandemic, or serious outbreak of contagious illness.

This excused period of absence will not be counted as an “occurrence” for the purposes of disciplinary action pursuant to the NHRMC Attendance Policy.


  • Senior leader officially declares outbreak
  • Employees who experience identified symptoms must not report to work. If the employee begins experiencing symptoms at work, they must immediately report to supervisor and be relieved of their job responsibilities
  • Employees must follow the department-specific protocol for reporting off sick, and state the reason for their absence and that they are requesting the exemption to the NHRMC’s Attendance Policy.
  • The employee must also report the illness to Employee Health Services, the department responsible for tracking personnel illnesses during an outbreak.
  • The employee must contact Employee Health for clearance to return to work.
  • The employee will be paid time according to NHRMC specific policies governing time for illness.

The full policy is available on PolicyStat.