Dr. Martin Meyerson Establishes Charitable Fund for Radiation Oncology Education

July 09, 2020
Meyerson Photo

Dr. Martin Meyerson, who founded New Hanover Radiation Oncology and grew it into what is now New Hanover Regional Medical Center Radiation Oncology, retired in 2015. He continues, however, to make contributions to ensure excellent care for cancer patients in southeastern North Carolina.

Dr. Meyerson recently donated $25,000 to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation to establish the Meyerson Radiation Oncology Education Fund. The money is earmarked for promoting the advancement of radiation oncology in southeastern North Carolina.

The funds Dr. Meyerson has provided will enhance the current professional development opportunities offered through NHRMC. These funds can be utilized by physicians and staff to attend seminars and symposiums, or, better yet, to bring cancer treatment experts to our region, where nurses and technologists can learn how the top treatment centers in the country are caring for cancer patients.

When Dr. Meyerson started practicing in Wilmington, he was the only radiation oncologist. He added more radiation oncologists and opened a facility in Supply, which now serves 40 patients per day. Today, NHRMC Radiation Oncology employs seven radiation oncologists.

Dr. Meyerson saw vast improvements in cancer treatments for head and neck, rectal, breast and many other cancers during his 40-year career. Dr. Meyerson praised the interdisciplinary programs now in practice at NHRMC. These programs allow doctors to collaborate on treatment and schedule treatments in concert with each other. He expects to see continued improvement and wants to use the fund to ensure that NHRMC clinicians are aware of the best treatments and latest available technology.

“When you work in one city, the ideas you are exposed to are limited,” Dr. Meyerson said. “Our nurses, technologists and physicians need to learn what’s going on in the rest of the country.”

Dr. Patrick Maguire, a radiation oncologist at NHRMC Radiation Oncology, worked with Dr. Meyerson for more than 15 years.

“Dr. Martin Meyerson’s legacy to our community cannot be understated,” Maguire said. “He founded our Radiation Oncology department and committed to providing care for patients regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. His commitment to lifelong education for our professional staff is invaluable to us and our patients.”

The Meyerson Fund is available for additional philanthropic contributions from other donors interested in promoting the advancement of radiation oncology in southeastern North Carolina.


Pictured: Dr. Meyerson (center) presenting a check to Tanya Armour, Director of Philanthropy for the NHRMC Foundation, and Henry Hawthorne, Administrator of the Oncology Service Line at NHRMC.